Has anyone else noticed an increase in Skype spam via instant messaging  of late? I’m getting lots of instant messaging Skype spam now as opposed to the calls/contact requests that seem to have been the first generation of Skype spam.

What I’m talking about is unsolicited Skype chat messages that pop up offering links to the usual types of spammy websites – viagra/cialis/wonder herbs, ‘male enhancement’, stock market stuff, porn, dating.

The penis enlargement/sexual stamina spammers often make use of Skype’s animated chat emoticons to, um, ‘enhance’ their spam.

There’s not a great deal you can do to stop getting spammed on Skype but if you do I recommend you immediately click  ‘Block’ and then tick the ‘Report abuse from this person’ checkbox to stop the person from contacting you again.

(More detailed instructions for both Windows and Mac versions of Skype is available on the Skype blog).


Hmmm… I use Skype and haven’t had this problem yet. I wonder how they are getting names to contact? You think they are just looking up names or is there a directory of people who use Skype that’s out there and we need to figure out how to make our profile private (like FB). Either way, thanks for the insight and information.

In the newer versions of Skype there is a setting you can turn off to block chats from people who aren’t on your contact list. I still get a few spam “contact requests” but those are easier to ignore since they don’t popup.

Hi Steve, I’m glad to see I’m not the only one that is suffering with this. Last week I got my first bit of skype spam, with a contact with an avatar of beautiful woman saying something like “Hi, wana chat”. I didn’t recognize her so I opted to ignore it, but since then I’ve had 5 requests from people I have never met or heard of.
I hope this isn’t going to become a common thing. I wonder how they even found me?

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I used to have this problem before with Yahoo Messenger. Lately, I have noticed the same thing with Skype. I haven’t checked the settings, so it’s nice to know there is some way to completely block all messages from people not in my list.


Never experienced this before. I have been using skype almost everyday to contact my husband in another country. I wonder how they manage to get in touch with you if they do not know you..

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I’d love to know what SKYPE is doing about this! I have been reading other forums and this problem has been around for several years. Skype does not reply to the requests for help and I for one am still getting 4-7 contact requests per day. I have blocked everything possible on the settings and cannot stop this annoyance.
Some never get it and others are hammered with these contact requests.

SKYPE guru’s. Please get this fixed. If I am blocking everyone except those in my list, why am I still getting the requests? Clearly, the blocks don’t work. Skype is faulty!

Any ideas, anybody !!!

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