I’m thrilled to report that I’ve been lucky enough to be chosen to appear in the 2009/10 Edition of Who’s Who Among Executives, Professionals and Entrepreneurs in Australia.


And I thought that these guys were narky with me! Back in December after I received and wrote about my first Who’s Who in Australia fax (and followed up with more information) Brian Green – who claimed to be behind the mystery organisation that sends these faxes – left several messages on this website, which ranged from

We are asking you, business man to business man to please remove this site. It may be exciting to you because of all of the hits your getting from our marketing efforts but it is truly huring us and our over 50 employees that count on our great company to make a living. It also makes our happy customers question our credibility. So we ask you to please remove the negative press as We are clearly not a scam, just agggressive good marketers that provide a great service. Thank you in advance for you cooperation. We can help you get major traffic to your site with out hurting our company if you like. Please.
(Dec 11 2009)


These comments are from non-customers and a bunch of Rubbish. I don’t see any paid customers complaining! Just Non responders that don’t like our marketing letters. No Scam at all here, just a great service that puts peoples businesses on the map in search engines and generates business for them. But all of you have a nice day. Maybe you’ll come around someday. Good Day Mates :)
(December 16, 2009)


We have great products and tens of thousands of happy customers. This site is a compilation of a bunch of synical non-customers so here is what we are willing to do to change that. THE FIRST 10 PEOPLE That leave their contact details on here, we will provide them with free services for 1 year to prove the validity of our product. That is only if they come back and publish the great things that our services do for ther business.
(December 17, 2009)

I guess despite all my negative press ‘the Director’ still thinks I might make ‘an interesting biographical subject’. After all ‘achievement is what Who’s Who is all about’.

An open letter to Brian

As you’re still so keen to keep in contact with me Brian I have a few questions I’d love to ask you. As in the past I’d welcome the opportunity for you to have your say and will be happy to publish your responses in full.

  1. If you are, as you claim, a legitimate organisation, why don’t you supply your real business name, ABN, phone number, email or street address on your marketing material?
  2. Why don’t you provide an opt-out mechanism for people who don’t want to receive your faxes?
  3. Does Jennifer Crowley really exist?


Oops – I’ve just returned a fax giving my additional details to “Lisa Smith” of Aus Reg of WW!!!! Oh I wish I had checked your site first – I suppose I’ll just be dealing with the dreadful fall-out. Will keep you informed

Ciao :-)

I received the Reg of WW today with Lisa Smith of Office of Public Affairs on heading.
I just thought I would look up the site because I know that any trade register does cost money.
I am so glad I did as it is Fax scam.
I worry about givingout my details to someone I have never heard of.
Thank you for your web site and info on it.

well it now Lisa Smith on the who’s who fax I just got..

Another one for the bin file

thanks for the heads up.
oh by the way , I am an internet Hobbies shop
thats looking for a shop to open soon


Just got mine this morning. What I want to know is what we can do about this garbage – I am sick and tired of this crap coming through.

Email spam is one thing – Fax spam is another altogether – Email I can delete – Fax spam ties up my phone line and uses my ink and paper – I seriously object to paying for marketing I did not ask to receive – if you’re listening Steve.

I wish these idiots would realise that reasonable people are not only offended by this practice but on the whole would never use any services being marketed in this manner.

Thanks Damien. I think you’re spot on when you say that reasonable people don’t use services marketed like this. Unsolicited emails, mail, faxes or cold calls automatically make me switch off, but then trying to trick people by misrepresenting who you are doubles the rudeness.

If these organisations spent time developing a good service and marketing ethically I’m sure they’d be lots more successful.

Good old Lisa Smith is still at it! Received a fax from Lisa this morning (09/08/2010) letting me know that my candidacy was approved on 6th August. I am accustomed to receiving this sort of rubbish by spam email from overseas, but this is the first purporting to come from Oz. It is curious that they supposedly know enough about me to “approve my candidacy”, but don’t know my name!

Mike, I just received the EXACT same fax from Lisa Smith this morning. Stating how she has approved my candidacy etc. How stupid do they think we are? They try to trick honest business people into filling out personal/confidential details that, technically, they suggest they already know. This website was informative, and Steve don’t stop this ‘negative’ post regarding this fax scam – you’re doing everyone a huge favour.

To Lisa Smith: F**k off.

Cheers :)

Received the same one from Lisa Smith today and thanks to all the postings above can now send it where it belongs..the rubbish bin!! Thanks Steve and others!!

Hi there. Boy am I glad I decided to google ARWW before I did anything else. I am glad to see i am not the nly one gettig this crap via my fax. it isnt even a business fax its my personal fax. How do theses scum bags get our fax numbers. I am taking matters further and calling the ACCC to see if they can asist us in any way

Yes you are right, Lisa is very busy. Mine came through half chopped off in the fax so I decided to google and found you. Thanks for the information

Just received The Australian Register of Whos Who….sma ejargon as not from all of you….A Richard Hannah…Luckily I found this site…the so called Richard said to me…its no point to google him or the product as we are exclusive haha…what a joke. thanks for being here

Didn’t anyone read the line –


Does anyone know what (apart from scamming) these people actually do? Are they just building a list or is it something more sinister?

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