Curiouser and curiouser…

I noticed this morning that yesterday someone had left comments on a number of posts on this blog, all regarding directory scams (both the Who’s Who In Australia and the World Business Guide scams).

In the space of five minutes yesterday Hector Schmidt left four comments either supporting these scams or putting down other commenters.

At 12.58 on More Fax Spam

Not one person mentions the countless positive pages online. Just a bunch of individuals that are complaining about receiving an advertisment. No one who actually has a problem with the service, just problems with receiving a fax. This product has worked wonders for me. This site is a bunch of bloody rubbish.

then 1pm on the same post…

And why is it a hoax?. Because lots of people received it? Makes no sense what you folks say. You all sound like a bunch of whining teenagers. Grow up. If you don’t want the service, don’t respond.

then 1.02pm on World Business Guide – another fax spam directory scam

And why is this a scam?????

and finally at 1.03om on More on the Who’s Who fax spam

YOu souns like a rocket scientist michele.

(Michele had offered the opinion that these types of organisations were trying to trick people into paying for information that’s already freely available, that these people often use fake names and that trying to opt-out may put you on another list).

All good – I want your views

Which is great – I encourage the sharing of opinions on this site. And given the number of people who’ve been vocal in their condemnation of ¬†these types of ‘offers’ it’s good to see some different perspectives.

In fact at the end of last year I spent quite a bit of time following up with Shane Mundy who’d signed up for one of these deals to present his side of this debate.

I can’t help wondering though

What made me curious about the recent dash of comments were the similarities between Hector and Brian Green, who was a regular commenter on this site over the course of a week in late December 2010 (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7), commenting on most of the same posts with similar opinions and tone.

A quick lookup of the IP addresses from which the comments were left shows them both to be from the same Internet Service Provider.¬†Now I know that this ISP probably has thousands of customers but still, I can’t help wondering if Brian and Hector work from the same location/for the same organisation or are indeed the same person?

Again, I’d love to hear comments on this from readers, particularly Hector or Brian.


After Some Research Steve, It seems You take advantage of “Other” organisations marketing Dollars to promote your Blog. Genius I must Say :) You seem to find advertisments that invoke a google search, and with the Blogs High SEO use that to drive traffic to your site. TALK ABOUT A SCAM!!!! …But very clever Mate. I am going to start a blog and pick apart your company too. A little negative press for you would be quite fun! Lets See how fairs some VERY NEGATIVE PRESS. Good Day Mate

Hector, I have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about. For the record

This blog is my hobby. If you look back through it you’ll see I post sporadically about lots of things that interest me, like the weather and culture in my home town, my family, owner building and music festivals

I make absolutely zero effort to promote or drive traffic to this blog

I have of late been writing about some of the more interesting unsolicited marketing materials I receive for two main reasons – firstly because I’m fascinated by how cheeky and blatant some of it is and secondly because of the sheer amount of it I receive, via email, fax, phone and post

I’m hardly the only person to draw attention to any of the scams I’ve written about. Most of them have been written about widely on the internet, by personal bloggers like myself and – as I’ve pointed out before – by government agencies like the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission

Apart from sharing a surname I have absolutely nothing to do with Coates Hire

Struck a nerve, Huh Steve?? And thanks for the info about Coates Hire so we can continue to search for your real employer, unless of course you’d like to tell me.

My problem with you Steve is that I use this service. Paid for it, it works for me, and your forum for negative opinions is taking credit away from what I’ve invested in. You only present half the story Steve. The half of the people who dont respond. That is because people love to talk about things that they think are wrong or think are a scam. And by the way, I don’t know whom bloody Brian Green is. Hahahaha. Although I like his opinions.

You probably a nice guy Steve, but have know Idea whats going on with the Forum your hosting. I’ve contacted the organisation and they are planning a huge lawsuit agianst you and everyone affiliated with you and your blog. Just a heads up Mate.

Another heads up. They said if you accessed, read or posted any of your rubbish from work, that your employer will be sued as well.

Hi Hector, Thanks for the heads up about what type of people I would be networking with if I did take up the offer. Your above posts sound threatening and sort of ‘stalkery” – two traits I would prefer not to deal with in business.
I think people like you do the company more damage than someone’s own little hobby-blog. Therefore, you are the one who should be sued accordingly.
Cheers and thanks again for the heads up!

Well Hello Tania –

Why don’t we debate the actual issue at hand here rather than making personal digs. What are your issues with their product? Please list them one by one, and we will see how they are actuclly NOT a scam but just agressive marketers as any other good business.
Looking forward to your thoughts.

Hi Hector, I was referring to your ‘tude on this blog site so I’m sorry if I actually don’t know your product. Not very good marketing at all, me thinks.
My point was that your attitude on this blog site and YOUR personal attacks against the host without defending and/or defining your business (if you have – then done very poorly) would naturally make me not want to do any sort of business with you (whatever that would be). Didn’t mean to attack you personally – just the persona you (representing your business) decide to emanate on this site. Don’t forget that the internet is a place where we potential consumers can step in and out of whenever we get the inkling. Again, cheers!

Actually Hector, forget my last post. From reading more of your past posts you seem like a time-wasting troll. Go outside and check out some nice clouds…maybe a rainbow….perhaps try to smile. Good luck, mate.

Hector, I am on your side here. I think that no-one should be allowed to push around or bully the little guy that you obviously are.
PEOPLE STOP picking on poor little Hector and his sandpit mate Brian.

They obviously have a legitimate business and are trying to earn a dollar. Sure it isn’t an honest dollar, but can you really blame them, after all it is a hard world out there.

I received one of these faxes as well. BTW Brian you must have inadvertantly forgot to include your ABN , phone number, company name as well as mistakenly adding the “Office or Public Affairs” . I know this would have been nothing but an oversight , most likely by Fluffy your big busted dimwitted assistant.

Brian, I would like you to know that as soon as I post this will be filling out that fax and sending it back to you.

I may not include the correct information. I most likely will put information on it that , well quite frankly will be misleading. Afterall , you did start it.

Look forward to hearing from you soon Brian, oops sorry , Hector.

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