When it rains in Bellingen in late Summer it doesn’t mess about. We usually get the tail end of the tropical rains from North Queensland in February and March and – as we’ve just experienced – this can mean 375mm (15 inches) or more in a short period of time.

Bellingen in flood Feb 2009

The atmosphere in town on a flood day is unique and very sociable. Work and school are out because no-one can get out so most people grab an umbrella and the dog and wander down to check out the river and swap stories about how the garage or back yard has handled the deluge.

Because the river runs through the middle of town you can just make out the folks way over on the suddenly far away other bank doing the same.

Us lucky North-siders have the benefit of The Prov, the only shop in North Bellingen. The Prov is a class establishment of the highest order. Potato scallops, seafood sticks, you name it. And bottleshop. By 8.30am there’s a huge queue of people frantically stocking up on bread, milk and beer.

Here’s a few photos from today. Some by me, most  by Acacia Pip.


Wow-we got some rain last night-only about 1/100 of what you have-a whole 3.5m
Love the pics – what does the bridge look like now – much damage???

Good to see a few south-side residents coming down for a look. When the north bank is full and there’s no one on the south bank I used to wonder whether they even cared

lots of mention of dogs but no photos of Polly nor me. grrrrr.

(apologies accepted as long as they’re bone-shaped)

Bello is terrible for its floods but i go to the school there and i dont like the school {and were doing an assignment bout this}

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