Update: If you’re wanting to see where¬†Lavender’s Bridge in Bellingen is open go to the Kombu floodcam.

There’s lots of information available from the Bureau of Meteorology website about river heights but I find that it doesn’t really answer the important question most people have: when can I get across the bloody bridge(s)? Below is a quick summary table pulling together in one place

  1. the main four bridges in and around Bellingen – in town, Thora (if this one’s under no-one can get in our out of the valley and/or Chrysalis and Orama schools), Glennifer and Kalang
  2. what river height they close at, and
  3. live river height data from the Bureau of Meterology website (click the small picture to see full size graphs)
Locality Bridge
where it is/river
Closes Live Data
from BOM
Bellingen see on map Lavender’s Bridge in town Bellinger River about 4.9 metres bellingen river height
Thora map Hobart’s Bridge near Chrysalis School Bellinger River about 3 metres thora river height
Gleniffer map Gleniffer Bridge near Gleniffer Hall Never Never Creek anyone know? gleniffer river height
Kalang Moody’s Bridge Kalang Rd Kalang River about 3 metres on the Kooroowi gauge kalang river height

Any feedback or corrections welcome, please leave a comment below.

Bridge locations on the map

View Bridges around Bellingen that flood in a larger map (in new window on Google Maps)


This is great I’m in North Bello and all the info I get is always from the bom site and its like yea, right but when does the bl—-y thing close. Thx Steve. Im also on fb would like to subscribe to this blog how do I do it?

Hi Deborah,
Thanks! You can subscribe to my rss feed here: https://www.stevecoates.com.au/feed/ (if you’re into that sort of thing).
I don’t have any Facebook stuff going on with this blog at the moment sorry. In fact I’ve been pretty neglectful of the blog altogether lately so nice to see someone’s still reading :-)

Hi Steve, I am in Bellingen SES & I am undertaking a thorough research of what bridges & roads go under at what river ht (various BOM meters) etc in the valley. Send me an email so I can keep you posted. SES is hoping to print some fridge magnets with this info. I am also wanting to put together a media release of public education on the best websites & how to interpret/predict a flood, road closures etc. It’s all about self sufficiency.

Hi Guys,
You may not be aware that two years ago Council allowed the excavation and concreting of the eastern approach to Richardsons Bridge at Thora. It is the last bridge on the tar about 14.6km up Darkwood Road.
This is now the lowest “bridge” on Darkwood Road and small cars cannot cross the concrete apron once it has water in it. It is flooded right now at 5.41pm and the depth comes up to the axle on our Toyota Truck. Definitely too deep for the little cars to cross. It is the lowest point and the actual bridge [Richardsons] remains passable until Hobarts bridge at Crysalis school goes under.
Why this very expensive ford was built mistifys me as it does nothing to mitigate flooding or the preservation of the bank which is well covered with woodland.
Just some thoughts anyway.

That’s great Steve (and Barbara also). Any info also on what river levels closes waterfall way between Bellingen and the highway – I never know when the bridge is closed or when waterfall way closed, short of going out and taking a look. I have not found the rta website to be particularly up to date and at least if we know what happens at particular river levels we can at least make a reasonable guess as to the likely situation rather than venture out in the rain….

I agree that it is important to have accurate data on this. I live out at Brierfield and there is very little flood information available on the Kalang River Bridge or the Spicketts Creek Bridge. The only way we can really know what’s happening is to go and have a look for ourselves.

Barbara – please pass on anything you come up with and I’ll share
Jeni – it’s a bit trickier with the highway getting cut at Fernmount and Cameron’s Corner as this is caused by groundwater/runoff rather than river heights so we can’t grab the automated data from BoM
Kati – yes it’s tricky
I was thinking of setting up a Facebook Page that could come into action in flood so people could add updates from their local bridges

thanks Steve…..good work!! I work in Bello and live near Coffs so I too always need to know as much info as possible at these times.

Hi there…the Glenniffer Bridge itself is quite high…What happens though is the never never breaks it’d banks and the roads around the crossroads flood…the bridge stays nice and dry. On gordonville road just west of the hall it happens at about 3 metres, Mcfadyen’s bridge is impassable after that (yay no work!), I think Timboon rd is about the same. It would take a little more to close the loop road.

Howdy Steve/all,
How about web cams on ea bridge?? “hee hee” ..definitely for the roses rd bridge ,near me!

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