Bellingen flood April 1, 2009 (composite image)

1. Listen to the helicopters

Proposed by Tim for the things to do list last time. Even more of them the last two days.

2. Listen to the trailbikes

No cops = teenage boys go wild on their two strokes.

3. Wonder at people who insist on driving their cars through raging torrents

See the price they pay afterwards… (see update in comments below)

Bellingen flood April 2, 2009 stranded car

4. Drink beer

I know it was on the list last time but, hey, it still works…

Bellingen Flood April 1, 2009 - Lavender's Bridge


Hey just wanted to let you know i love your things to do during a flood, however the ute that is stuck was actually a very nice young man attempting to pull my parents bus out of a few feet of water and the road collapsed under him, theres plenty of photos of other young hoons find one of those.

Apologies Chelzea, I didn’t know that.

In my defence I saw lots of people driving in crazy places that day that didn’t need to. Shouldn’t have assumed though…

hey thats cool, i saw lots of idiots too, and too many people dont realise the waves they create send more water into peoples houses! i hope one day its their houses and they get a wake up call.

Hey Steve, thanks for this update on beautiful Bellingen!
I thought Bellingen had nice weather all year round.. Gee what a wrong thougt it was…..I live on the other side of the world, up in tiny Netherlands and have a friend living in North Bellingen. Good luck with all these floods, thunderstorms and rain..

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